At this House Tour: 1+0 Industrial Home we start from our outside area and coming inside the Industrial home. From the very beginning of this house tour, you see the kitchen. After that we come to the bar zone, check wicker chairs. In this 1+0 Industrial home opposite bar area there is located sitting area. Armchair, sofa and table. The next step of our house tour is huge windows. You can see the garden through them. The bedroom of our Industrial home is simple and minimalistic. It has a bed, side table, lamp, mirror and open wardrobe. The last space of the House tour is a bathroom. It made in concrete, brick and tile. 1+0 Industrial home has fans on the ceiling, which creates a feeling as you are inside the factory. Enjoy!

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Me and Engin both are digital nomads.

He works as an editor and I`m an interior designer.

We started our journey 10 months ago with an idea of living in 12 different countries in 2 years.

Welcome to our adventure!

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